About the Office

Subject of The Mirosław Jońca Legal Office's activity is comprehensive legal service for business and also legal services for natural persons.

The Office puts emphasis on safety of client's business in its daily work, especially signs its actions by precision and reliability in all scopes of its activity. Every single problem is analyzed with taking into account its different aspects. It gives possibillity to determine the best strategy in very complicated living and business situations.

The Office provides its services according to the rules of the Polish Solicitors' Act and of the Polish Solicitors' Ethics Code.

Several years of experience of Mirosław Jońca in the branch of legal services for businesses entities and natural persons is the main ground of the Office's successes. His large scope of activity creates possibility of taking difficult cases, including cases, in which other lawyers refused to take them before. That's why we offer for our Clients a huge scope of specialties, especially in following branches:

  • civil law
  • family law ( divorces, claims for maintenance, contact between parents and children )
  • labour law
  • law of social security ( pensions, allowances )
  • building / construction law
  • commercial law
  • companies' law
  • tax law
  • cooperative societies' law
  • administrative law
  • real estate law
  • environmental protection law
  • consumer protection law
  • agriculture law
  • medical law
  • copyright protection act
  • bankruptcy and restructurization law
  • sport law